Wayne's Ocean World, Inc.

Wayne's Ocean World began in June 1993. Owners Wayne and Carina Sugiyama saw a need to provide high quality fish for the marine aquarium industry. Back in 1971, Wayne began collecting near shore fish and invertebrates for sale to local petshops. While attending the University of Hawaii majoring in Zoology ( The University of Hawaii did not have a Marine Biology degree at that time ), he began to pursue his interest in marine fish. In 1973, Wayne was certified to use Scuba, which he used to collect deeper water fish. By this time he was selling to exporters in Hawaii. In 1982 Wayne was offered a management position with one of the exporters. During that time period from 1982 to April 1993, Wayne was also designing custom aquariums for commercial and residential customers. Together with wholesale and retail sales, aquarium servicing and exports, Wayne was able to gain experience in many areas of this industry. In April 1993, the owner of that export company decided to move his business to another state. At that point Wayne decided to continue in this industry by starting Wayne's Ocean World. Having 20 years of experience before starting Wayne's Ocean World made the transition a little easier.

While Wayne manages the warehouse, Carina schedules the incoming and outgoing shipments. She also oversees the office and accounting. With our office manager and packcrew of six employees, we are able to best accommodate your orders.

Our travels through the South Pacific has allowed us to meet the suppliers and learn about the collecting techniques and available species. We currently stock fish from Hawaii, Christmas Island, The Marshall Islands, and Tahiti. Christmas Island, The Marshall Islands and Tahiti are close to Hawaii so travel time is short and better quality is maintained. We are looking into 2 other areas to develop collecting stations that we hope will provide other variety of species that we can offer. 

Our visits to The United States, Canada, Asia and Europe have given us a chance to see how our import customers have set up their holding facilities. It is a learning experience for us to see many different types of systems and how the care and maintenance of these animals are conducted. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality fish and invertebrates. All 16 of our local collectors, as well as our overseas suppliers, practice proper collection methods. All fish are net caught, without using chemicals. We ensure and promote a healthy habitat from which the fish are collected. While in our care, each fish is supplied the appropriate foods to meet their specific nutritional requirements
Waynes Ocean World
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